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IT's me

Dylan Tomasello
Sat Nov 3 14:52:06 2001

What a joy you were and are Dylan. Jennie and Edie will also agree.

Claire Hank
Tue Nov 6 18:14:07 2001

God could not be everywhere, so he invented mothers.

Buff Lee
Thu Nov 8 23:13:54 2001

I love this photo so much. I have a copy and it makes me think of the Madonna.

Becky Mac
Wed Nov 14 13:56:57 2001

What a beautiful photograph. I well remember the first time I saw Marian. I was playing in a song circle at the Old Town School on Armitage, and she came in to pick up Jimmy. Dylan was an infant just as he appears here. I remember being struck not only by how beautiful Marian was, but also by the way she held D, and the warm way she greeted Jimmy. I specifically remember thinking wistfully "what a special family those people must be."

Linda Berris
Thu Sep 12 13:24:39 2002

i love this image, and i find it amazing that that tiny baby has grown into such a mountain of a young man.

Thu Apr 29 17:25:11 2004