Cool Enough to Have Been done by a Hank

The Hank Web is growing thanks to the inspiration of some people that have not been as fortunate in the name department as us Hanks. Thanks to all the people with other names who are helping the Hank web grow either through direct feedback or inspirational energy.

Inspirational E-mail of 1997

I just named my new car Hank in honor of you my name is not Hank and I wish it was
Scott Strickland

Editors Note: Scott later informed me that the car in question is a 1970 Ford Galaxy 2dr sport - long live Hank the Car!

Links to other name pages

Michelle web
Michelle has a surprising amount of style for someone not named Hank. It had never occured to me why people with that name would grow to hate hearing that beatle's song again and again...

Andrew Tecumseh Starr maintains an excellent site for this beautiful Shawnee name. He is an avid supporter of other people's name pages and has been a great source of inspiration and prodding when I've needed it to keep going on this site. Thank you!

"To appear on this page, you must be "Rosemary". Sorry, no Rosemarie, Rose Mary or Mary Rose. Note: I won't add links for pages are pornographic, racist, or that just irritate me too much. I'm doing this for fun!"

There sure are a lot of Ralphs out there...

The Offbeat, Unusual and Wholesomely Strange Sources of Inspiration

The Wizard Free Form Web
Features info about Negativland, Subgenious resources, and a host of unique musical sites.

Pat's Weirdness Shrine
A collector's collection of Internet oddities.

If you like things like Tarot, you will enjoy this index. (Points you to a place to have a reading if that's all you're after).

Index of Server Push Sites
This site features sites that create various types of animation and other server push tricks.

The Silly Zone
Want to play with the Really Big Button that Doesn't Do Anything? "The Duck Memoirs." If you need something to make you smile and your sense of humor is slightly silly, then visit the Silly Zone.

A truly Strange Page
This place is strange. I mean really strange.

What secrets will be revealed to you?

Hedgehog links
Homepages of hedgehogs and assorted hedgehogy links.

Abandoned Missle Silo
"Visit the skeletal remains of a cold war weapon -This presentation will take you on a full tour of a decommissioned, abandoned underground missile complex. The site was opened many years ago by explorers and vandals, and in fact the technology therein was nearly obsolete by the time the bases were completed in 1963, so there's little "secret" about it beyond the location of these sites, which we will not reveal here."

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