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Hank Alert Hanker vi. to crave or long (followed by after,foror an infinitve) as in:
"Howdy Hank! I bet you have had a hankering to find a web site that is dedicated to you!"

I am a Hank. It happens to be my last name. I am a woman. My first name is Marian, but there have always been people who just call me Hank. I like the name Hank. It's simple, it's strong, and it's mine. For a time I was married and had a different last name with a lot more letters. It never suited me as well as Hank did, so I got divorced.

I wanted to create a homepage that would link together great minds from all over the globe. I figured that the easiest way to do that was to create a web that would index all the great web sites created by Hanks. I also have a page dedicated to the more famous Hanks and a page indexing Pets named Hank.

In an effort to help the *rest* of the world, I am conducting the first Hank Report of Hanks, because frankly there is no opinion that is quite so important. The results are now published as they are submitted so that world leaders might benefit from the wisdom of Hank.

The honorary Websites good enough to have been done by a Hank. This page provides links to several other name pages and sources of inspiration. Suggestions are welcome.

A very small Hank Stuff page is emerging.

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Send a message to me at (that's just Hank) and I'll include a link to any other homepages by guys and gals named Hank.

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