The Hank Report

The First Survey of People Named Hank

There Is No Opinion as Important as Hanks

Hank, if you believe the above statement to be true then do yourself and Hanks everywhere a favor and fill out this survey. Every once and a while the results will be posted on the Hank Homepage for the benifit of all those named Hank and all those who wish they were named Hank.

The Current Databank of the Wisdom of Hank

What Do You Like Best About Being Named Hank?

It is easy for me to remember.
It is easy for me to spell.
My Mom gave me the name.
Is there any other name?
It's just the best name there ever was in the entire history of the world, that's all!
If it was good enough for Hank Williams, it's good enough for me.
Okay, my name isn't Hank, but I really, really wish it was.

Hank, there has been a lot of talk about difficult issues in the last few millenium. Obviously, the problems of the world would be solved if they would just ask us Hanks. Please outline your solution and save the world.

Which issue would you care to solve:

What a great idea! Thanks Hank!

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