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The Newest Additions
Welcome to the Hank Web Family!

Hank Walker
This is Hank Walker's business site - pretty cool
Hank's Cool Stuff
Lots of cool stuff here
Hank's Page
This is a fun and playful Hankish site
Hank Lewis
Hank describes himself as just another Hank
Hank Ortega
Hank is a Viet Nam Vet and his site and stories are both very impressive.
Hank and Terri Doktorski
Hank's family built this site - it is a lovely tribute.
Hank Toet
Hank is not too pleased with Henk's report about not having Hanks in the Netherlands. Hank is definitely a Hank and he is definitely from the Netherlands. He has a homepage but for now it seems to be a coming soon. Hopefully he'll let us know when it opens.....
Hank World
This is a very silly site. Quite fun - a humorous Hank indeed! I especially liked "The Oversimplification of Bacon."
Hank Zimmerman's Unofficial Eudora Site
The Unofficial Eudora site has been a long time favorite resource for all things Eudora. This site was originally conceived by Andrew Starr, who was kind enough to provide me with the CD by the band called Hank. Somehow it just seems right that Andrew has given the site to the care of a Hank.
Henk Hagedoorn
Henk taught me a cultural variation on the Hank theme:
"My name is Henk (not Hank) - I live in the Netherlands, we don't have Hanks, but many Henks. " Henk's Freebyte site is very cool. Some of his handiwork may be downloaded on his freeware page.
The Hank Waddles Page
Hank has a lot of nice interests. I especially enjoyed his book reviews and the "Eight Cool Guys Page" which really isn't a part of his site but would be the "Seven Cool Guys Page" without him.
Hank Shiffman
Hank's site has been with the Hankweb since the beginning, but he recently moved and expanded his site. "Here you'll discover why I'm the most interesting person you're ever likely to know, or at least the most interesting person on this page: reader, writer, cartoon enthusiast, music and theatre buff, world traveler, single guy;... "
Hank and Pauls Wrestling Page
This is for the serious wrestling fan, done with the level of commitment that only a true Hank can achieve. I like the Wrestlers Real Names page - that is fun and great fodder for writing trivia contests.
Hank Bromley
Hank is an Assistant Professor and Associate Director for the Center for Educational Resources and Technologies (CERT) at the Graduate School of Education at the State University of New York at Buffalo. (Try saying that three times fast!) When he told me about this site, he explained "what personality the current one has is mostly under the "teaching" link, which is my own work."
Hank Eisenstein's Homepage
In addition to reminding us that Richard Nixon is dead, Hank has created a homepage because "I am bored with the World Wide Web. I figured, stop being bored and start boring others."
HANK'S Domain of Drivel And Basically USELESS information
This Hank hails from Hawaii, which makes me kind of jealous since it is very cold and snowy here in Chicago today. I especially like the page where he discusses his love interest.

Hank Homepages

The Hammer's Castle
"In these hallowed halls you can find everything you could possibly want to know about Pennsylvania, me, Physics, my family, Pittsburgh, Duquesne University or even Cal Poly if you seek an adequate engineering degree and can't get into CMU -- just kidding!" Be sure to check out why this Hank knows that pickles are the source of all evil!
Hank Yeh's Home Page
Hank is of the mind that the viewer is the most important person looking at his page. What a refreshing change of pace.
Hank Schassen's Home Page
Hank lives in Portland and is a software trainer/technical support kind of guy. He invites you to e-mail him if you have questions about autoCAD. A generous offer, but then generosity is so typical when it comes to Hanks.
Hank's Web Page
Hank gives us the lowdown on wings, Bufallo, hockey and engineering. He is just starting his site, and I think it is shaping up nicely. Go visit and send him a note to cheer him on!
Hank: Our Beloved Chow
A true story about the noble life of a dog with a big heart and a great name.
Hank Hambright's Homepage
This nine year old Hank likes Star Wars and so do I! Congratulations on your first Hank homepage! Hanks for telling me about it. :)
Hank - the Name
An analysis of Hank as a first name....hmmmm
Hank Early's Homepage
Hank is really into windsurfing, I mean really into windsurfing....
Welcome to Thigpen's Thread on the Web
Hank Hughes has some opinions and he's not afraid to admit it.
The Wisdom of Hank
I'm not exactly sure what this about, but it equates Hank with God, so it can't be off-base.
Hank's Foresnic Page
Hank has an interesting web that you can read in English or Chinese!
Help Hank pick his tatoo. Follow his quest to meet alternative girls in Ohio. (Hey alternative girls in Ohio, I checked out his pic and besides having a great name, he's cute.)
Hank Kaminsky, Sculptor
This page allows you to check out the work of yet another talented Hank.
Hank Cribbs
This page addresses the split personality of the dreaded Hank/Henry syndrome, plus Hank has a pretty nifty web for you to visit when you stop by.
Hank Becker Bio
He starts "My publications and my bank accounts all say "Henry Jay", but to everyone and everything else, I'm Hank.
Hank Clayton Ford's Homepage
At 4 years of age Hank may be the youngest Hank featured on the web.
Hank Carbone's Homepage
Hank likes Maine, his family, his friends and his hockey.
Hank Jones Homepage
Hank has a nice homepage with links to some of his favorite friends and a critique of his brother's homepage.
Hank's Hobby Hole
Radio Control, Rockets, RailRoading and Modeling Links plus all kinds of other stuff the Hankster is working on!
Hank Harper
Hank sells real estate.
Hank Plante
Hank Plante is a reporter and anchor at Channel 5 Eyewitness News.
Hank Roark's Home Page
Here you will find out stuff about Hank Roark.
Hank Mishkoff
"I've heard it said that the Web is the ultimate Vanity Press; and if that's so, far be it from me to pass up an opportunity like this. So without further ado, here's a quick bio of Who I Am and What I've Done."
Rick Hank's homepage
Simple and to the point.
About Hank
Hank Sherman presents some of his work and interests with flair.
Hank Fisher
I especially enjoyed Hank's personal opinions page.
Hank Latorella's Homepage
If you're looking for links about genetic research then you've found the right page!
Hank Mishkoff's Other Homepage
Hank is wise enough to understand that "maintaining the sacred site must be an *awesome* responsibility." Since Hank is obviously insightful and wise, I felt obliged to link to both of his homepages.

Send a message to me at justhank@enteract.com (that's just Hank) and I'll include a link to any other homepages by guys and gals named Hank. Also please send me a note if you find any broken links. Hanks a lot!

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